Pregnancy and back pain


“I first came to see Tolley in 2014 for fertility support and have continued to see her for general wellness and back pain relief during both of my pregnancies. I love Tolley’s intuitive and healing presence which makes her so easy to talk with. Her acupuncture technique is gentle, painless and easy. In addition to acupuncture, I’ve really benefited from Tolley’s counseling on holistic nutrition and overall diet which are an integral part of our treatments. The physical and emotional support Tolley has provided me over the years has been life changing. I’m truly grateful for the treatments she provides and I’m certain she is the reason I’ve had such wonderful pregnancies!”



Pregnancy, migraines, colds, back pain


“Tolley listens and tends to all of the needs of her patients.  She is smart with her diagnosis and gentle with her needling technique.  Tolley made it easy for me to discuss my issues.  I have been treated for recurring migraines, acute respiratory issues, back and wrist pain, and most recently, she helped me to have an easy, restful pregnancy and birth.  Thanks to her skills, my baby and I are in great, balanced health.”


“Tolley is a wonderful acupuncturist and herbalist --she’s compassionate, gentle, precise and I always feel at ease talking with her about my issues.  I always have more vitality and feel peaceful after treatment and I’d recommend her to anyone!”




“The treatments I received from Tolley helped me pinpoint what was triggering my migraines, while also helping relieve future migraines as well.  Tolley really listened to all of my issues and thoughtfully provided treatment to help overcome my pain while also creating a relaxing and comfortable environment.”




“I started to receive acupuncture from Tolley when I was having problems sleeping through the night. After every session I felt refreshed and more relaxed than I had in a long time. Not only was that due to the treatment, but also due to Tolley's level of professionalism and how she truly listened to my issues and took all factors into consideration. She would also check in with me in-between treatments to see how I was feeling, which was above and beyond what I was expecting. Plus, at a time when I couldn't figure out what was causing my sleeplessness, I was grateful to have someone that would listen and take a holistic approach to my treatment.”


Insomnia, allergies, digestion


“Thanks to Tolley’s skill and intuition, I have achieved better sleep and relief from seasonal allergies and digestion issues.”

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